Deadly Sins - Black Acid Souls
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Cold As Stone - Black Acid Souls
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‘Black Acid Souls have a great release on their hands and when you hear it you’ll love it, with no doubt it hits the mark’- 9/10


‘Chuck in some Thrash, some Grunge, some Classic Rock, blend it all together and you get this jewel of the music world. A 13 Track triumph of modern Metal’- 8/10


‘Metal at its best’- Johnny Doom Kerrang


‘Great Vocals and Guitars have something special’- Powerplay Magazine


‘Twistedly Brilliant’ -News and Reviews


‘Black Acid Souls are on the stairs to the big league and their album Deadly Sins is a push towards the light of stardom, Couple more albums like this and we could be seeing something big from the UK’- rockproductionsenterprize 8/10